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Posted on Aug 17 2014 - 1:32pm by Alex Kuhlke



It’s hard to ignore the hype that the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has created all across social media platforms, and thankfully, in return, the ALS Association stated that donations to their cause are skyrocketing.

People from all over the world have participated and donated, making for a wide array of ice-involved videos. Naturally though, it’s been the NHL players’ videos that have become a crowd favorite, and we mustn’t discount the particular gold that has come from the NY Islanders.

Nearly everyone in the organization released a video of themselves doing the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, but I’ve chosen my picks for the top ten.

10. Howie Rose- It’s always fun to see the hockey individuals we all know and love providing a glimpse into their true personalities and senses of humor. Howie’s video comes in at number 10 because…well it’s Howie Rose talking and talking and talking in his Howie Rose voice about his tiny dog in the background and then pouring ice water on his head. I was sold.

9. Jiggs McDonald- Nominated by Howie Rose, Jiggs McDonald participated with a video that was guaranteed to entertain any Islanders fan. Adorably standing on a dock on a lake, Jiggs delivers his explanation as only Jiggs could. The part of this video that put it at number 9 for me was Jiggs’ response after he dumped the bucket on his head- just classic: “Beautiful. Love it.”

8. Calvin de Haan- In true Carp Lad fashion, de Haan’s video features him participating while wearing an Islanders cut-off t-shirt, boxers and Crocs. All of which automatically put his video at number 8.

7. Anders Lee- This one’s for the ladies. Anders Lee, the strapping man that he is, chose to intensify his challenge by having a friend film it from up on a balcony while Anders stood down on the sidewalk. Post-game interviews with him from this point forward should be filmed from this angle, because Anders looks GOOD. I mean really good…an obviously choice for number 7.

6. Michael Grabner- Grabner’s video lands a spot at number 6 solely due to his hilarious explanations for his nominations. How can you not love this guy?

5. Frans Nielsen- What starts off as a regular, boring ice bucket video certainly does not end that way. Nielsen’s challenge comes in at number 5 because of the delightful squeal he lets out after he dumps the water on his head. I did not see that one coming.

4. Matt Martin- Again, ladies, this is for you. I honestly had to take a minute to stabilize my heartbeat after watching this video. Matt Martin and his luscious locks STANDING IN THE RAIN…somebody’s been working out, huh? Number 4 goes to this stud. Thank you for this, Matt Martin. Thank you.

3. Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolai Kulemin- This duo, although very new to the organization, is already winning the hearts of fans, and their video certainly helped this cause. Besides the fact that the two are wearing in their Islanders practice jerseys while in a pool, the butchering of the English language that is on display in this video is nothing short of gold. I, for one, cannot wait to see Stan Fischler interview these two. Grabovski kills me at the end- instant placement at number 3.

2. Eric Boulton- Boulton was already loved by most Islanders fans, but this video was sure to really win everyone over. The number 2 position was reserved for this video because of Boulton’s hilarious commitment to throwing his own spin on the challenge- it’s pretty self-explanatory. Safety first.

1. Cal Clutterbuck- The number 1 spot in my ranking of the Islanders’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos goes to none other than Cal Clutterbuck. Besides the obvious, what really gets me about this man is the way he never seems excited or emotional in the least bit. I love this about him on the ice when he’s pestering opponents, and I certainly loved it while he slid down this slip-and-slide into the inflatable pool of ice water. Genius. Congratulations, Cal.

If you have been nominated, please consider participating in this very worth while fight.

Or at the least, make a donation. There is no amount too small that helps further important research towards potentially finding a cure.


Alex Kuhlke

Alex Kuhlke

A lifelong resident of Nassau County, Alex was lucky enough to have grown up with a hockey-playing, Islanders-obsessed father, instilling the diehard lifestyle from the time she was born- now made complete by the possession of her "Mrs. Tavares" home jersey. Alex’s passion for writing is newly-found, but she’s more than excited to have been given the opportunity to do so.